Big Sell 30 Day 26: Rose by Jeanne Balibar

Hello – Sean here with DAY 26 of our Big Sell 30 Day Challenge. Today’s #BigSell30 is inspired by one of our listeners, @miniarcadia150 who recommended the video “Mirate,” by Latin singer, Aldrey. The song is in Spanish and the video includes English subtitles. It’s a power pop ballad with a message of self acceptance. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

This video got me thinking about all of the music I love that’s sung in a language I don’t understand. Usually when  it comes to songs, lyrics are just as important (if not more important) to me as the music. But in the case of this Big Sell – I have loved the song “Rose” by French singer Jeanne Balibar for years and have no idea what it’s about. But it still moves me.

roseCheck out “Rose” on Spotify or here on YouTube. It’s moody, ethereal and hypnotic. I love it and sing along in made up French words and can only hope the song isn’t about killing kittens or the merits of reality stars turned political candidates. And I also ask you to think of your favorite song that is sung in a language you don’t understand. Leave a comment here or tweet us @PopInsiders and let us know why you love it!

Just a few days left in our #BigSell30! We hope your head is bursting with all of the new pop culture you’ve discovered this month. We have some great Big Sells ahead for you in these last few days. Stay tuned!