Big Sell 30 Day 7: A.O. Scott reviews The Birth of a Nation

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Sean David Johnson aka @therealseanjohn here with our Day 7 Big Sell.
birthEarlier this week Amita and I saw a screening of The Birth of a Nation. After the screening and the cast & crew Q &A she and I stood outside the theater and wrestled with our feelings about the film. My conclusion – the film was solid, but not great. Well made, but not extraordinary. Moving and glorious in parts, but also flawed throughout.
If I’m going to sit through a film that assaults me with scenes of emotional and physical horror, that film better be transcendent (like 12 Years a Slave, for example). Unfortunately, The Birth of a Nation does not transcend its limitations or the news surrounding the former sexual assault trial of director Nate Parker.
My big sell for today is the A.O. Scott review of the film. It’s a superb essay on the considerations we make before we see a film and the baggage we bring into the theater.
You can read the his NY Times review: here
Finally, even though I’m not recommending The Birth of a Nation,  I have to say this is still a great weekend to support Black Creators and subject matter. Ava DuVernay’s documentary, 13th, is essential viewing. Issa Rae’s Insecure premieres on HBO this Sunday and contains some of the biggest laugh out loud moments I’ve experienced all Fall.  And if you haven’t binged the entire season yet – Luke Cage on Netflix provides you the opportunity to revel in the fantasy of a bullet proof Black man who fights crime and reads Walter Mosley novels.

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