Big Sell 30 Day 2: Todd Wicks Dream Cruise

The Big Sell 30 Day Challenge continues! We’re inviting everyone to join us and attempt to experience something new in pop culture once a day for 30 days. To help you out, we’ll tweet out and post suggestions here on our website.

But in order to come up with 30 days worth of new pop culture, we’re getting a little help from our friends.  Today, Claudia Castillo, the co-host of The Long Distance Popcast, joins us to share her Big Sell- musician Todd Wicks Dream Cruise.

Claudia thinks you’ll like Todd Wicks Dream Cruise, “…If you like songs about obsession and grief and love, just imagine Cheap Trick and Rick Springfield had a baby…”

We’re sold!

Listen to this episode of Inside Pop to hear Claudia’s full Big Sell. And you’ll also hear her co-host, Matt McKee’s Day One Big Sell, the Netflix series, Peaky Blinders. Matt is using this show to fill the big space left until Game of Thrones returns.

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Here’s a link to Todd Wicks Dream Cruise YouTube page: