Big Sell 30 Day 14: Your Childhood Hero Interviews a Supreme Court Justice

Sean David Johnson here to give you a new #BigSell and to celebrate the fact that The Big Sell 30 Day Challenge has reached the two week mark! I hope you’ve enjoyed the #BigSell30 as much as Amita and I have. We appreciate everyone who has shared their pop culture suggestions. And we have so much more to come in the next two weeks!

My Big Sell for today is another podcast. As you may know, Death, Sex & Money is one of my favorites (I ‘big sold’ the series to Amita earlier this year and she likes it too). The show’s host, Anna Sale, is a master interviewer. She speaks to guests, both the famous and the every day person, about those three very personal words in the show’s title; and gets them to open up and share their inner lives in a really illuminating way. Amita and I also gained such great information and inspiration from her presentation earlier this summer at Podcast Movement (PM16)  in Chicago.

For the past few weeks Anna Sale has been on maternity leave and her hosting duties have been filled by a roster of former guests. I’d like to Big Sell the episode in which Sonia Manzano interviews US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  If you’re an American child of the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s (or the parent of that child) you may know Sonia Manzano better as Maria from Sesame Street.

These two women discuss their similar childhoods (growing up poor in the South Bronx), how their lives have been touched by family members with substance abuse problems, the current state of race and representation in this country and so much more.

Justice Sotomayor is incredibly open and Ms. Manzano creates such an easy rapport – the result is an inspiring, empowering and informative conversation.

You can listen to this amazing conversation HERE

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