So Long, Farewell

To our Inside Pop listeners,

After much thought –  we’ve made the very difficult decision to conclude the current run of Inside Pop. We’ve had an amazing experience over the past 4 years sharing our love for and opinions of pop culture. We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to so many people who have supported us along the way.
Thanks to our OG listeners who were with us from the beginning as we figured it all out and found our voices. Thanks to Benjamin Harrison from The Greatest Generation podcast for listening to our show and bringing it to the attention of Jesse Thorn. Thanks to Jesse and the Max Fun team for including us on their amazing podcast network.

A big shout out to all of our guests  – the fellow podcasters and the pop culture creatives who shared their expertise and their time.

And to all of our loyal listeners – we are truly grateful for your support through the years. We hope you’ve gained some insight from our insider interviews into how Pop Culture is created and we hope we’ve introduced you to some new pop culture in our Big Sell segment.

Don’t be surprised if we pull a ‘Cher’ / ‘Steven Soderbergh’ and come out of podcast retirement at some point in the future. Producing and hosting Inside Pop has been such an incredible experience, one we hope to share with you again.

“That’s the end?” – Janet Jackson