Big Sell 30 Day 22: Star Wars Rebels

Happy Saturday Pop Culture fans! Here’s your daily dose of pop culture for #BigSell30.

We had such a great time talking to Alan Noah of The Test of Time podcast last week, so we brought him back to give us another Big Sell. This time, he suggested the Disney XD animated series, Star Wars Rebels. He also somehow snuck in a Big Sell for Star Wars Clone Wars in the middle of our conversation too!


At first I think I was a little hesitant watching a “kids cartoon”, but Alan took this assignment seriously and truly sold me on this! And of course, he had Sean at, “Star Wars.”

Listen now to hear his description of the series and find out how he was able to make both of us gasp in excitement. (Three words: James. Earl. Jones.)

And definitely check out Alan’s podcast- this week’s episode dissects the John Hughes classic, Sixteen Candles.

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