The Big Sell 30 Day Challenge is Here!

The Big Sell is getting even BIGGER! For the past 10 months we’ve ‘Big Sold’ each other every week – taking turns recommending something new in the world of pop culture for the other to check out. The result? We’ve each heard more music, seen more movies, read more short stories and experienced so much more great new pop culture than we’d ever experienced before. And our water cooler banter is so ON POINT!

And now we want YOU to get in on the act.  We’re inviting you to take part in the Big Sell 30 Day Challenge. Join us and commit to trying out one new piece of pop culture every day, for 30 days. A new song, TV episode, movie, poem, viral video, smart phone app – anything goes.

Listen to this special Inside Pop episode for all of the details. Beginning October 1st we’ll tweet and post recommended Big Sells. And we want to hear from you! Tweet us using #BigSell30 and tell us what you’ve been trying out.

Throughout the month we’ll have special episodes and special guests who’ll share their Big Sells with all of us.

So join us for the Big Sell 30 Day Challenge and we guarantee at the end of the month you’ll have whiter teeth, increased spiritual awareness and a firmer butt. And also – none of those things. But you will have the experience of feeding your pop culture obsession with great recommendations from fellow fanatics! #BigSell30


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