Spring 2018 Pop Culture Preview, Max Fun Drive – IP 117

In honor of the Max Fun Drive- we are proud to present our Spring Pop Culture Preview! We’ll share some inside info on the highly anticipated TV, Film and Music due out this Spring. And to help us out- our special guests – the hosts of  Long Distance POPcast and JoJCast also share their picks!

Spring is no longer the season to bide your time while you await the big summer blockbusters and concert tours. Some of the most innovative and surprising pieces of pop culture are about to slide into your earbuds and onto your television and movie screens and we’ll tell you what cannot be missed!

Spring is also the time to support your favorite podcasts by becoming a member of Maximum Fun! We’ll tell you the glory (and gifts) that await you if you decide to become a member or renew your membership.

Take a look below at all of the upcoming pop culture packed into this special podcast!


Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

Elton John Revamp

Lake Street Dive




Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Ocean’s 8



Patrick Melrose

Lost in Space

Being Serena

Howards End

The Handmaid’s Tale

My House


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Big Sell 30 Day 21: Six Degrees of Music Separation

Hey all- Amita here with today’s #BigSell30. We’ve got a few more days left of our month long challenge of trying out one new piece of pop culture everyday.

When I was preparing this post to Big Sell this article, I told Sean I would try to avoid selling another song or album, which I must say was harder than I thought since I’m always listening and discovering new music and want to share  it with everyone! (see Lake Street Dive & Rationale). But when I saw this article and where it lead me to, I had to make a tiny exception. And technically, it’s not really a song. It’s a really fun game!

So, this Big Sell comes from another Big Sell. When we were promoting #BigSell30 in late September, my cousin Sanat Patel tweeted us a great article from fivethirtyeight about the most sampled song in history. “Amen, Brother” by The Winstons has been sampled over 2,000 times over the last few decades! Artists who have used this popular sample include N.W.A., The Prodigy, heavy metal band Slipknot, Janet Jackson and David Bowie. It is a pretty interesting read and gives a ton of info about the history of this particular sample- check it out here. Thanks cousin!

I have to admit, I got a sample education and the article cited another website as the source for its sampling data- WhoSampled. I had to look into this info site and find out more. As fivethirtyeight describes, “Every day, fanatical music lovers identify hundreds of samples from songs old and new and add them wiki-style to the database” and then the staff at WhoSampled vets each submission before entering it on the site. We’ve all heard a ton of samples throughout the years and it’s pretty awesome to go to a site or app to find out where the original sample came from. But the game that I discovered on WhoSampled takes it to another level- and immediately became my Big Sell!

On their home page they promote a fun, music info game called, Six Degrees of Music Separation – a play on the movie themed game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I was immediately intrigued. This game prompts you to enter two artists and they have some crazy algorithm that figures out how many degrees they are separated by using remixes, producers, covers, samples and more!

I put it to the test using two of our Big Sells: Lake Street Dive and Roman GianArthur- check out the results- did you know that Paul McCartney and Erykah Badu would make that connection?


It’s fun, addictive and you can play it for hours…no really, you could. (I just stopped writing this blog to put in random artists for 20 min.)

Enjoy the samples, the game and I’m sorry if you may not be as productive at work today :/

Only a few days left of The Big Sell 30 Day Challenge! Be sure to Tweet us @PopInsiders to let us know how #BigSell30 is going for you and there is still time to send us a big sell!




Big Sell Day 11: Lake Street Dive

Amita here with your daily dose of pop culture for the Big Sell 30 Day Challenge! Join us and try one new piece of pop culture every day for 30 days.

Most of my Big Sells on Inside Pop and in the #BigSell30 are usually musical. I grew up playing the piano, violin and french horn and was in the orchestra, marching band and sang in choir all throughout school. Music is in my veins and I don’t think I can go a day without listening to something. So, when I started to put together a list for The Big Sell 30, it was no surprise that most of my choices were songs or music videos. #Predictable or #Reliable?

So, it’s no surprise that today’s Big Sell is another music choice! I’m selling a really fantastic Jazz/Pop/Country quartet called Lake Street Dive. About 2 years ago I found them while I was doing some online research for something music related and I was hooked. I watched their great jazzy cover of The Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back” that was recorded on a sidewalk in Boston (They met while attending The New England Conservatory of Music). You can watch that awesome video here. The lead singer, Rachael Price has an incredible voice and the group has really strong and smart harmonies that I just eat up.

Their EP, Fun Machine features that cover along with a few others like George Michael’s “Faith” and Hall & Oates “Rich Girl”- but that’s not my Big Sell! (Fooled ya- but you should check that out)

They’ve released 2 albums of original music since the Fun Machine EP and their most recent album, Side Pony was released earlier this year. (Still not my Big Sell…keep waiting!)

As soon as I discovered Lake Street Dive, I listened to their self-titled debut album on repeat and this song just spoke to me. It has so much soul and I will always turn it up and sing along. No more fake sells- THIS is my Big Sell! The single “Don’t Make Me Hold Your Hand” by Lake Street Dive- You can listen to it here on Spotify.

Check it out and let me know you think!

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