Master of None S2, Twin Peaks, Scandal Ends – IP 75

Let’s Rock!

This week we react to the first four masterful episodes of Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s, Master of None. Amita shares the particular joy that comes with watching this South Asian auteur do his his thing!

Then we explain why watching the current season of Scandal is the equivalent to having Pity Sex!

Next we introduce a new segment, Way Into, in which we present a guide for you to become as ‘Way Into” a piece of pop culture as we are. In this inaugural segment, Sean presents a Way Into . . .  Twin Peaks – and tells you everything you need to know and do to prepare for the Twin Peaks premiere on Showtime on Sunday May 21st.

Then we celebrate our 75th episode in a very special way!

And as always, we end with The Big Sell. Amita rates and reviews Sean’s Instagram Big Sell from last week and sells him on a YouTube series that involves chicken, celebrities and hot sauce… Spicy!

Thanks to all of our listeners! Whether you’ve listened from the beginning or just recently found us – we are thrilled to have you here for our special milestone episode!

The best is yet come!

Sean’s Way Into Twin Peaks

  1. Watch Season 1
    1. If you only have time for two eps out of the 7 watch The Pilot and episode 3 – Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer.
  2. Read: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer
  3.  Watch Season 2 episodes 1-7.
    1. If you only have time for two episodes watch the season premiere + episode 7 Lonely Souls (Laura Palmer’s Killer is REVEALED!)
  4. Watch Fire Walk with Me.
  5. Watch Wild at Heart
  6. Read: The Secret History of Twin Peaks

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Big Sell 30 Day 24: Instagram’s Beautiful Destinations

Happy Monday! Amita here again starting the home stretch of the Big Sell 30 Day Challenge. #BigSell30 has enlightened me on so many new things that I want to try to branch out and experience more and more every day. (Truth be told, it’s also a fun challenge to find something really unique to share with y’all everyday!)

I know you can all agree that going back to work after the weekend can be tough so today’s Big Sell is a little Monday escape. I’m a big fan of Instagram and enjoy nature and scenic photography. I also enjoy traveling and while I wish I could travel more than I do, the Beautiful Destinations Instagram account lets me live vicariously through their incredible photos and videos. Now, with over 7 million followers, sbeautiful-destinationsome of you may already be following them or have at least heard of them, but if you haven’t, you’ll feel the itch to travel really soon.

When you scroll through the stunning photos – you can enjoy the colorful fall foliage in the Catskills, see white sand beaches in Îles Aux Cerfs (Had to google this one- it’s actually on the island of Mauritius) and then be transported to a beautiful waterfall in the lush landscape of Iceland! I’ve said enough, and now want to book a trip to Iceland…

Here’s a sampling of some of their posts:
bd-chile bd-portofino bd-turkey

Take a minute, escape from the norm, beat the Monday blues and be prepared to book a vacation soon!

Be sure to tweet us @PopInsiders to let us know how your #BigSell30 is going. Only a couple of days left to send us a Big Sell- don’t wait!